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Temple Theatre

The old Chinese school at 514 E. Visalia St. in Hanford was built in 1922 for $3,500. Children from the town's Chinese district were sent to the school to learn Chinese history, language and culture. Known as the Chinese Center for Knowledge, it closed in the late 1940s.  In 1964 Audrey Leibold and other community members, turned the school into the Temple Theatre. The Kings Players have been offering four shows per season, ever since.

Our Founder

In the early 1960’s Audrey Leibold and her family moved to Hanford. They liked the schools, people and area in general, but Audrey soon realized that the community did not have a theatre. She quickly set forth to fix that little problem. By running ads in the local papers she found others who shared her dream. In 1963 the Kings Players was born. At first they performed in the auditorium at Hanford High School. Audrey knew they needed to find a permanent home. In early 1964, she found the Chinese Center for knowledge, a Chinese school that had been closed since the late 40’s. The Kings Players had found a home and have been in the Temple Theatre ever since.

Our 2018 Executive Board of Directors

Mike Spicer, President

Louella Moreland, Vice President

Cynthia Maxwell, Treasurer

Kim Spicer, Secretary

House Manager:

John Rabe